Music and the Brain

Over the years I have received multiple questions regarding music, what impact does it have on the brain? Are certain forms of music healthier than others? Should parents worry about what music their children listen to? Is it the music style or lyrics that are the problem?

A great review, by Sarkamo et al., is found in Brain A Journal of Neurology (January 2008, Vol 131;3 p 866-876). Listening to music is a complex brain process that increases activity throughout the brain.

Music can reduce anxiety, depression and reduce pain perception. It may also enhance attention, learning, communication and memory, Continue reading

Shifting Default Modes—Magnetic Stimulation Resets Brain Connectivity

“The research hints that the brain may reorganize its connections according to the demands of a given task. It also raises the possibility that neurological disorders could stem from loss of this capability, and that transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) might restore it.” Click To Read More