Important Notification


Psychiatric Foundations, P.C. and TMS Chattanooga are honored to announce that Timothy R. Jennings, MD has been selected to be the inaugural Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Lynchburg, Virginia. This new position will allow Dr. Jennings to develop a psychiatric training program for medical students and residents that integrates modern neuroscience with sound biblical principles for health and wellness. Therefore, as of August 26, 2022 his office in Chattanooga, Tennessee will be closed.

It has been a genuine privilege for Dr. Jennings to serve so many of you as your treating psychiatrist and be part of your journey to ever-increasing health and wellness. We encourage you to continue your treatment. You may find a new psychiatrist by doing an internet search, contacting your health insurer, asking your primary care doctor for a referral, contacting the local medical society, or Parkridge Valley Hospital (423-894-4220), Erlanger Behavioral Health (855-504-1723), or Joe Johnson Mental Health Clinic (423-634-8884).

We are happy to forward medical records to your new provider. Due to the confidential nature of your records, they will only be released with your signed authorization. You may also have your new provider request the records from us with your signed authorization. All record requests must be faxed to (423) 498-9685.