“Could It Be This Simple?”- Timothy R. Jennings, M.D.

Could It Be This Simple? A Biblical Model for Healing the Mind is a breakthrough in understanding the mind which provides real answers for regular people. It describes in simple language how our mental faculties are designed to work, what happens when they don’t and provides straightforward methods for reestablishing the mind in a healthy balance. The concepts described in this book have been successfully utilized in thousands of patients who have experienced more than just improvement in mood, but also recovery of their God-given dignity, autonomy and self-control. This book empowers readers to harness their mental powers to become thinkers, capable of discerning the healthy from the unhealthy, the right from the wrong, and to direct their lives into ever healthier levels of functioning. Within this book you will find:

  • An easy to understand model of the mind that will be a tool you can use to help find balance and make healthier decisions; Insight into the destructive factors which intrude into the mind;
  • Powerful principles that govern relationships and methods to enable you to harness these principles to bring healing to your relationships;
  • What true love really is and how to identify its counterfeits;
  • Understanding of the seven myths of forgiveness and the insight necessary to bring healing;
  • The truth about faith, the reality that genuine faith is rational, reasonable and strengthened by evidence; Christian practices that damage the mind and ways to avoid them; and
  • How to apply God’s principles to your life and experience healing here and now.

This book is not designed to tell people what to think, but to teach people how to restore balance to their minds so that each person can think effectively for them self. Most importantly this book will help readers experience a closer friendship with God, empowering them to be a more effective agent for good in this world. If you do know someone in crisis, someone hurting and struggling to find answers, answers that bring real healing, please consider this book as one option to offer them. Thank you, Timothy R. Jennings, M.D. Click Here to purchase.