New Depression Treatment Doesn’t Use Pills

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NewsCentral Staff

A new medical treatment in Middle Georgia helping people fight depression and doctors said it’s non-invasive, without side effects and doesn’t involve a pill.It’s called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The technology is based on a MRI machine. It was approved by the FDA in 2008 and now Warner Robins psychiatrist, Dr. Deepti Bhasin is utilizing it and patients say they’re seeing results.”T-M-S has given me a future,” former depression patient, Valencia Thomas said. “Before that I was suicidal on a daily basis and had to take medication.”

Thomas has been a patient of Dr. Bhasin for three years. Thomas said in that time, she tried many different antidepressants but nothing worked until using TMS.

“TMS is actually relaxing,” Thomas said. “You get used to it. It’s just a little tap on your head.”

TMS is a non-invasive and painless treatment. Patients are awake as magnetic pulses stimulate the part of the brain that controls mood. Dr. Bhasin introduced the machine to a few of her patients in January as a new way to fight the mental illness.

“I felt this was a very good option,” Dr. Bhasin said. “The treatment is almost 70 percent chance of patients getting better. With medication, the chance of patients getting better is about 30 percent.”

Nine patients here have used the treatment and seven have completed it. Six are in remission which means no symptoms of depression or side effects.

“It just gave me my life back and allowed me to get off those anti-depressants with the side effects and get back to doing things like normal,” patient Stephen Jarrell said.

Treatment takes about six or seven weeks. Thomas is now done and said she’s a new woman because of it.

“I just have that, joy about me now,” she said. “I can just feel the excitement and I just want to share my life with other people. Before my motto was fake it till you make it, now it’s not faking it, I feel that joy deep down inside of me and I have that joy that I want to share with other people.”

The treatment takes less than an hour and patients do it every day in their allotted time period. Dr. Bhasin said she believes her office is the only one in Middle Georgia currently using it.