Nutrition World-New treatment for Non-Drug treatment for Depression now offered in Chattanooga!

I have passionately embraced all the information and training throughout my career in natural health but the one area that has always intrigued me is how nutrition and lifestyle effects our brain chemistry.  I have listened and watched tens of thousands of clients express their deepest feelings about how depression disrupts and lessens the quality of their lives.

We all know that anti-depressant medications are very aggressively marketed in this country and the commercials are very convincing that all our gray sad days will quickly vanish if we can just find the right prescription anti-depressant drug with the help of our doctor.  The problem is that many people find the side effects of these medicines intolerable in the long run.  I know that in some cases peoples lives are truly saved by the correct anti-depressant but many experts have spoke of the many studies that show prozac type drugs are only slightly better than placebos.  A growing number of people are pursuing more natural approaches to treating depression because of the fears of long term side effects and also the extreme costs of the drugs.  I personally have witnessed many who can manage symptoms of depression using products such as omega 3 fatty acids, trytophan, SAM E, St Johns Wort, or 5 HTP but at best this applies to about 50% of sufferers.

Recently I had the pleasure to meet a local psychiatrist, Dr Jennings, who has a new FDA approved 100% Drug Free treatment for depression that uses Magnetic Stimulation on the patients brain.  I am always so interested in anything non-drug so I made a visit to Dr Jennings office to observe two of his patients who were being treated for serious long term depression.  The machine is called NeuroStar TMS and is administered in 5 day a week sessions that take approximately 35 minutes per treatment.  The average time of the treatment is 6 weeks and many insurance providers offer reimbursement for the procedure.  Both women that I interviewed had felt they received a definite improvement in depression and one felt her anxiety also improved with the treatment.    The treatment uses a pulsed magnetic  stimulation that research shows has dramatic effects on the brain neurons and how they regulate mood.  Both Dr Jennings patients I talked to had been on years of many types of traditional pharmaceuticals and now they both are taking zero anti-depressants!

I found it interesting that 2 weeks after meeting Dr Jennings, Dr Oz had a show on the use of TMS and Dr Oz highly recommended the treatment.  You can watch this segment at:

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